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 Reach Invented Armor

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Zeke Leingod


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PostSubject: Reach Invented Armor   Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:19 am

Body Suit
The Mark I Body Suit was created for Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs), colloquially known as Helljumpers. The Body Suit has cooling and heating units that mask the infrared signature of the wearer, as well as creating a comfortable environment for the wearer. The body armor, boots and gloves are fully encased and airtight, making them operable in a vacuum for up to fifteen minutes when equipped with an additional oxygen tank. The integrated helmet has encrypted communications gear, a HUD, along with thermal and motion detectors. Itís given to all units as basic armor.

Semi-Powered Infiltration Armor, colloquially called "SPI Armor",
This armor was designed with an emphasis on stealth rather than raw power. It features special photo-reactive panels that mimic the surrounding textures. The suit is efferent in stealth missions by having special lightweight Active Camouflage system. It has been described as part legionnaire mail, part tactical body armor, and part chameleon. Itís given to units that prefer stealth or are snipers.

Close Quarters Battle Armor, or as abbreviated as CQB Armor.
The CQB Armor is a variant of the standard Mark I Body suit armor, specialized to improve survivability in close combat for the Higher Ranking officers.

Extra Vehicular Activity Armor or as abbreviated as EVA Armor.
The EVA Armor is a variant of the standard Mark I Body suit armor, specialized to increase exo-atmospheric endurance and improving mobility in zero gravity for the troops without thrusters.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Armor, or as abbreviated as EOD Armor.
The EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) is a variant of the standard Mark I Body suit armor. The suit is very heavy and canít move very fast but can take bullet, plasma and explosions without must effort.

Powered Assault Armor, otherwise known as the Security Armor.
The Security Armor is a variant of the standard Mark I Body suit armor. The armor provides more protection to Mid Rank members but are also given out to troops stationed as Security hence the name.

Powered Assault Armor/S variant, otherwise known as the Scout Armor.
Scout Armor is a variant of the standard Body suit armor powered battle armor. The armor uses advanced materials to give it stealth properties but not as advanced as SPI Armor. This armor is given out to troops that specialize in medical and work as medics.
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Reach Invented Armor
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