The Epic Battle Between The Republic, The Opposition, and The Aliens.
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 Alien Weaponary

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PostSubject: Alien Weaponary   Fri Apr 11, 2008 9:31 pm

Basic Battle Armor: A basic battle armor of metal and the metal is carved with symbols of the own Alien Language. It says, "Iron Defense" It includes a chestplate, leg-thingies, head-armor, warrior shoes, and a shield.
(1 and 2 Stars)

Advanced Battle Armor: A stronger version of Basic Battle Armor.
(3 and 4 Stars)

Laser Attatchment: Basic: The weakest laser attatchement. It is pinned to your arm and it shoots out a weak beam of laser. Usually cuts through wood and stuff like that.
(1 and 2 Stars)

Laser Attatchment: Advanced: The stronger version of Lase Attatchment: Basic. And the lasers are strong.
(3 and 4 Stars)

Rocket Launcher: One of the strongest weapons ever.
(3 and 4 Stars)

Bombs Of 1000 Flames: A bomb that you place, and after 12 post on the forum, it blows up to 1000 flames, burning the place. (Leader of a Class)

Wind Slashers: A giant 4-sided weapon that cuts through stronger wind gust. Basically like a shuriken. (1-4 Stars)

Rocket Shooters: A gun-like figure that shoots exploding metal balls. (2 and 3 Stars)

Btw, This Ashley From The NarutoRPG
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Alien Weaponary
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